Volume 13, Issue 2, 2015



PDF pp. 143-146 Editorial
Harald Atmanspacher
Abstract pp. 147-168 On Some Evolutionary Aspects of the Mind-Matter Problem
András Balázs
Abstract pp. 169-192 Von Neumann Minds: Intentional Automata
Jochen Szangolies
pp. 193-212 Bergson, Representations, and the World
Pete Gunter
Abstract PDF pp. 213-240 Investigating the Depths of Consciousness Through Meditation
Terje Sparby
pp. 241-248 In Appreciation of Abner Shimony
Gregg Jaeger
pp. 249-256 Essay Review: Theorizing Rogue Phenomena
Roderick Main
pp. 257-260 Book Review: Dualism on the Rise
Joshua Farris
pp. 261-264 Book Review: Quantum Ideas in Social Science
Thomas Filk
pp. 265-266 Open Mind: An Open Access Collection of Research on Mind, Brain and Consciousness
Thomas Metzinger and Jennifer Windt
PDF pp. 267-269 About Authors


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