The conference will take place at the Conference Center Lihn at Filzbach, a small community at Lake Walensee, not far from Zurich. The phone number of the conference center is +41 (0)55 614 64 64 and you can find more information about them at their website

All participants will be accomodated at the center, where we have a block reservation from June 30 to July 3. The total expenses for room and meals will be about CHF 590.- in total.

If you want to extend your stay, please doublecheck with the staff of the center.


International travellers best book their flights to and from Zurich Airport. To continue from there to the conference location, it is most convenient to use frequent trains from Zurich airport to Ziegelbruecke, a 70 minutes trip. From Ziegelbruecke there are frequent connecting buses to Filzbach (leave the bus at Filzbach Post). For schedules check the Swiss railway website at